15 01 2010

Had a bit of a difficult day today. Cooked a horrible lunch for everyone today when Alan Baxter came to visit. Nearly killed Russell with windpipe anaphylaxis and Matt broke out into a massive coughing fit (I swear that recipe always works at home!) My excess chocolate consumption is beginning to show. And my novel is a steaming heap of melodramatic claptrap. Or at least it was until Russell gave me a few handy pointers as to how to possibly make the ending work. Yay team! Oh look, it’s wine-O’clock.

– Cat



4 responses

15 01 2010

No, Cat, your lunch did me a great service. I’d wondered why my throat swells shut whenever I eat Thai, and now I know it’s coriander. I owe you big time.

15 01 2010

I was coughing on account of trying to stuff it down too fast because it tasted so good.

15 01 2010

And I ate most of Russell’s bowl as well as my own. Cos it was great. So shut your whining.

16 01 2010

you are all very polite

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