Day Off

16 01 2010

Today was a Day Off for me. I’ve made good progress and my fellow FWORians were coming to Bowral to have lunch. So I spent the morning reading (a science fiction book – I’ve avoided them for decades – only reason I agreed to read this one is because it’s the first book to be published by a friend and ex-Aurealis editor Sara Creasy – and it turns out it’s rather good – but don’t go thinking I’ve changed my mind about the genre in general), knitting (finished a sock!), and getting annoying smsses from some woman who is a bit slow to understand the concept of “you’ve got the wrong number”.

I headed into town at lunchtime and met a Matthewless group of writers. We ate a delicious lunch at the Grand Bar and Brasserie and talked about astrology and… stuff (I forget, but it was fun and interesting and thought-provoking and all that).

We split to go shopping, Nicole and I going to a bookshop where I talked her into buying one of my favourite books, Guns, Germs and Steel (hope she enjoys it or at least gets lots of ideas out of it), and I bought In Defence of Food, a book about myths of nutrition (food/supplement fads being one of my current gripes). We found a designer clothing discount shop with clothes so awful that my costume wardrobe would have been bursting at the seams if they had actually been discounted to what they were worth (I soooo wanted the lime green velour track suit, but it wasn’t my size).

Then the FWORian explorers headed off to gaze at more waterfalls. (Which I admit didn’t excite me. It’s water. It falls. Or maybe it’s my recent trip to Niagara Falls that’s causing me to feel underwhelmed…) I returned to the apartment to have a digestive nap and continue reading unexpectedly appealing science fiction.

– Trudi



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