Update on retreatees

1 02 2010

Pretty much straight after the retreat ended, the Aurealis Awards Ceremony was held in Brisbane. Nicole, Matthew, Cat, Trudi and I went to the awards ceremony. Cat, Trudi and I were nominated. Cat and Trudi for their writing and me for a collection by Robbie Matthews that I edited and published.

Robbie’s collection had very stiff competition, particularly the genius Greg Egan, so I was not disappointed by not winning. I wasn’t expecting that we should.

However, Cat Sparks did take out her gong for best young adult short story. Wow that’s Cat’s third Aurealis Award. She deserves it. I’ve known Cat since 2001 and she has worked and worked to hone her craft. She is talented, hard working and a great mate. Well done, Cat.

Trudi Canavan took out the Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel. Trudi was surprised by the gong. There was a lot of competition. I thought Glenda Larke’s The Last Stormlord would be hard to beat. (I beta read both books and it is very hard to barrack for a winner when you have two very good friends in competition).

Trudi had a history with Magician’s Apprentice, which I won’t go into. Let’s just say she suffered a lot while writing it, while she dragged it out of herself. How awesome is that for her to win after that hardship. Congratulations, Trudi.

The Aurealis Awards have for sometime been hosted, presented, coordinated etc by Fantastic Queensland. I have been to all their ceremonies and watched them grow into a glitzy event. They deserve congratuations, kudos and endless thanks for what they have achieved and the joy and pride they have brought to the Aurealis Awards ceremony. I wish there was an award for them.





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