Donna’s retreat blog day seven

11 01 2011

Today the manager of the property sent the cleaners in so we all, except Cat, took the day off and went to the Jenolan Caves. There was a bit of running around prior to leaving, tidying things up so the cleaners could clean and we put on some bread in the breadmaker so we’d have hot bread on return.

Our first stop was the town of Oberon, where I had some internet on my iphone. Before sitting down for a nice cafe latte, I received a rejection exactly five months after submitting it. That soured my mood somewhat because I liked my story and I loved the idea for the anthology. A standard rejection was not very welcome after all that time, seeing the deadline had been in September 2010. After that we headed along the long windy road to Jenolan Caves. We booked ourselves on the Lucas Cave tour and then had lunch at the bar at the restaurant.

The caves were fascinating. The cathedral chamber we so well presented with music and then lights, I was pretty awestruck by it. I felt very lucky to have experienced such an amazing place. I was also glad that I did not experience claustrophobia. One never knows as I had not been in a cave before. The drive back was rather snug with three of us in the back. We had a good laugh as we drove back as Kylie and Nicole and I all managed to mix words up to great effect.

Cat was busy working while we were away. We got back to find that breadmaker had had a mental breakdown and had not mixed the dough but had baked the contents. We chucked it out and started again.

I haven’t talked much about the house. It is quite large. The trip to the loo from where we work in the dining room is about 50 steps. It is very quiet, has a nice ambiance and the rooms are large. We all work in the dining area, except for Matthew who has found a couple of niches to work in. He’s close but not sitting with us. There is a games room so at times you can hear Cat and Russell playing ping pong or someone hitting a few shots at the pool table while they are having a break. The house is surrounded by a large cottage garden with paddocks beyond and a mountain range at the rear. A ramble around the garden serves as a nice break when you wish to gather your thoughts. There are deer and geese too. The house is set low down in a valley and it’s a long walk up to the road where there is some mobile phone access to be had. The weather has been quite odd, not something I have experienced before. Most days it has been misty, cloudy. Matthew called it Scotch mist. I guess because we are in the mountains, about the same level as the Blue Mountains. You could not say it has been warm, neither has it been cold. Perfect writing weather I suppose.

Matthew and I share a very nice room at the end of the house. It is so quiet and calm there you hear nothing from the rest of the house, though if the cows are near you can hear them lowing. I would come back here again. The absence of internet has been educational for me. However, yesterday Russell discovered a bar of reception from Telstra so we have some intermittent internet access from the dining room.




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