11 01 2011

I am in a bit of a quandary. It has come to my attention that my geekiness factor is somewhat lacking – ok – severely lacking.

Mostly I blame being a teacher. It’s a delicate balance. I can have a slight geek factor that the most students can forgive as long as I’m majority cool, but enough for the geek students to feel some kinship.

Trouble is I’m not sure whether I’ll be invited back next year, given my ignorance and geeky cluelessness. So I think I need to ramp up the geek factor. I’m toying with extreme fan expertise in one geeky information area or maybe a focus on a text type or sub genre? I’m open to suggestions. Maybe, I’ll surpass all, and they shall bow at my feet in awe of my awesome and queenly geekiness.

Yes, I know… this has no relevance to writing. 🙂 But I am doing some of that stuff this year. I promise.

In fact we have all been quite focused on writing this year. An air of diligence embraces the dining table.




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13 01 2011

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