Chocolate and Conversation

16 01 2012

This year I’ve dragged Paul along to the retreat, because I’m not writing and ignoring him. You see, I’m under ‘doctor’s orders’ to rest my RSI-suffering right hand. But I don’t need my hand to talk about writing, so it was still worth flying to New Zealand to be with the FWORians for a week.

So far there have been discussions about agents, ebooks and the merits and flaws in Game of Thrones – tv series and book) as well as more technical examination of slow and turgid vs fast and action-packed writing styles. I’m sure there’ll be many more debates to come.

When not at the retreat, Paul and I are exploring the north of the north of New Zealand, and area we’ve not visited before. Yesterday we saw giant kauri trees – definitely a sight to inspire fantasy ecosystems – and I’ve just head about a weaver with an open studio/shop I want to visit, who might provide some insight into the ‘makers’ of my new series of books.

Otherwise, I have been dutifully providing chocolate sustenance for all, and testing out the local product. I can confirm that Makana Confectionary chocolates are very good – especially the macadamia nut butter toffee.




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