Quiet at Donnacon today…

10 06 2013

Is currently just Donna and I. The rest of the crew have piked. Apparently they have things like family responsibilities and work and such.

They are weak and shall be left behind.

I’ve done a bit of stuff I had to do – getting tomorrow’s year of the novel lesson finalised and so on – and now I’m going to spend the rest of the day revising my SF romance. I’d like to have it ready for the readers by the end of the month.

I’m nervous about this one. I’ve been trying to write this story for nearly 30 years, so there’s a lot of emotional attachment.

But I will not let fear guide me.

It’s wine O’Clock

9 06 2013

It’s time for me to take a break. I made 5000 words today. I may get through the basic outline of the plot by tomorrow and then I can think about  Rae’s point of view and whether I should include it. I think I should, but we will have to see.

The rest of the crew are being diligent (rather than delinquent) and are still working (but sipping beers etc while they work).

Nicole has finished a first draft of a short story. Did I tell how annoying that was? Rolls eyes.

Leife brought a huge tiramisu. We’ve been stuffing our faces all day so I’m not sure where we are going to put that. I wonder if we’ll watch a weird DVD on our last evening together.

Here’s hoping I can keep my eyes open long enough. The house smells of slow cooked roo. I’ve put on some chicken thighs to bake and like I said where are we going to put it all.

My new internet modem is great. Not one fake out and lots of people logged on. Thank you IINet for delivering the new one within 24 hours. Beyond my expectations.

The sunset is peach fuzz right now and soon cold night will leap up to the verandah. Sigh.

And that makes story number two

9 06 2013

I’m pretty much done for today. 5600 words and my first steampunk story. Not sure how good it is as steampunk goes. I think I need to do a lot of research to get some of the details right.

Rob and Leife have joined us and are both working hard. Well, as hard as you do when the sparkling shiraz has been cracked open.

Kim’s just PAGES away from completing her edit. We are cheering her on. Go Kim Go!

Hmm, the slow-cooked kangaroo smells AMAZING!

Some of us started late and some didn’t

9 06 2013

Unlike my fellow retreatees, I’ve been at my keyboard for quite a while. I’m taking it slowly, only 3000 words so far. My first hurdle was the realisation that my first draft is crap. This caused a serious dint in the motivation. The second hurdle resisting all the nibblies. The third hurdle relates to the first but then I’m just getting circular.

Rob has now arrived to dabble in writing for the afternoon. Meanwhile we’ve almost finished a mega block of chocolate and have had copious amounts of tea and coffee.

I have to move around when my bum gets numb. This makes me prone to snacking. Technically I am not anywhere near the nibblies as I remain in my ergonomic office (as ergonomic as I can make it) to work.

This makes me appear antisocial too. Actually Matt’s in the kitchen so he’s just as antisocial as me. He wrote to about 12.30 last night. Darkness is his friend.

Me? I could keep my eyes opened past 8.00pm.



Late start today…

9 06 2013

We all decided to spend the morning at home today but we’re once again at the table. Kim, Ian, Donna, Matthew and I. Leife should be arriving soon.

Today I’m working on a steampunk short story. Donna read the erotica for me overnight and she gave me some feedback and I’ll let it sit in my mind for while and work on it tomorrow.

Matthew’s got some roo in the slow cooker. It smells AWESOME!

Leife is bringing tiramisu. We want to her to hurry up.

The real end of Day One

8 06 2013

So somehow, we ended up back at our computers again – all but Donna, but she did 5000 words and with RSI, that’s a big deal.

Anyway, I did some revising, rearranged things, did some further writing and what do you know – finished story. I’ve sent to Donna for her to read, because I’m unsure whether to expand second sex scene or not. Will be interesting to see what she thinks.

Matthew’s still at work in the other room, but this is his time. Ian did a bit more polishing and now he’s gone home. Donna’s in bed. It’s just me and Kim at the computers now.

We’re not starting up again until lunchtime tomorrow, so Donna may well get a head start on us. We’ll see.

Nicole at 9.15pm.

End of day one

8 06 2013

I’ve done 11000 words. No one is talking to me. I don’t care.

Story I’m writing needs to be rearranged – I’ve removed sex scene two, it will become part of last sex scene and new sex scene two (orginally sex scene three) needs to be expanded.

Yes, these are the quandries that we writers of erotica must struggle with. And you think other genres are hard!

Everyone else is going well too. Donna’s now in the kitchen and we’re going to have a yummy dinner of pumpkin cuscous and zucchini bake.  I’ve had one glass of wine so I’m ahead of the others – they’ll need to be with the catching up.

It’s nice to be writing again. I’ve not done much writing since the retreat – if you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve been suffering with depression. But I’m much better and today has been quite perfect.

Apart from the insane jealousy of my fellow retreaters.

Afternoon tea time

8 06 2013

Is nearly 4pm. Perfect time for a break, I think.

I’m at 8500 words. Heroine and the eventually happily-ever-after man have just had a big fight and he’s split. She’s about to realise that actually, she’d not all that happy about that. But  how to convince him that they should be together?

Well, it’s erotica, so I’ll leave you to work out how that will happen….

As for Donna, all I can say is – WOOF!

All is quiet

8 06 2013

Everyone is beavering away happily. Kim made it after her car had broken down and Matthew was rescued from a riverside cafe where he was taking in the coffee and banana loaf.
I’m still taking it slow, with the RSI etc and am currently at 3,000 words.
Nicole has gone into orbit on the tail end of her second sex scene on nearly 8000 words. She’s going to crack 10,000 I reckon before we break for dinner.

The word bitch never entered my head. Although I must say a 10,000 word day would set me up nicely.

Donna around 3.30pm

Actual lunchtime update

8 06 2013

Pumpkin soup is served. Matthew had been found. All is right with the world.

5500 words. Not bad for the morning. If this novella matches the wordcount of the first, then I’m already nearly half-way. Man, I could right a whole novella today if I keep it up!

Donna’s done 2000. Ian’s being very dilligent although since he’s editing, he can’t give a wordcount. He did, however, deliver strawberries so that’s good.

Is it too early to crack open a bottle of wine?