Two days to go!

4 01 2014

Strap on the skates, folks. FWOR is back!

This year, FWOR (Fantasy Writers on Retreat for those just joining us – and hello new followers!) is back in our usual January spot and back to having a two week retreat.

This is the seventh FWOR retreat and this time we’ll be taking residence in a house on the shore of Lake Jindabyne in southern NSW. Past retreats have been at:
* Yackandandah (Vic)
* Metung (Vic)
* Berry (NSW)
* Oberon (NSW)
* Keri Keri (NZ)
* Rye Park (NSW)

The FWOR gang consists of: Joanne Anderton, Alan Baxter, Trudi Canavan, Matthew Farrer, Kimberley Gaal, Donna Hanson, Russell Kirkpatrick, Ian McHugh, Nicole Murphy, Shauna O’Meara, Rob Porteous, Kylie Seluka and Cat Sparks. We don’t all make it to each retreat.

This year’s retreat attendees are: Joanne, Matthew, Donna, Russell, Nicole, Kylie and Cat.

It all starts on Monday – well, the travelling to Jindabyne and the drinking when we get there does 🙂 Tuesday the actual writing will start.

We’ll post here as often as we can – internet access is unclear at the moment. Those who aren’t attending the retreat might also post to let us know what they’re up to.

It’s FWOR tradition to post an aim for the retreat. It’s also FWOR tradition to diss on people’s aims and even change them without their knowledge. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Hope you can join us (in the virtual world sense) and have fun!




One response

6 01 2014
Trudi Canavan

Enjoy yourselves! I’ll be thinking of you all as I’m writing away here at home.

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