My second last day at the retreat

18 01 2014

Nicole, Jo and Cat leave tomorrow. I get an extra day along with Kylie, Russell and Matt. Technically, I don’t do my final sum up and word count until then.

I finished the story arc (I think) for Into the Dark Glass, but there’s more work to be done. There are chapters full of talking heads that need filling out with stage directions and I need to sit on it before I attempt to revise more fully. But essentially it is done.

I finished the revision of Spirtibound, a paranormal romance and have sent it to beta readers. That was such a fun revision. I hadn’t looked at it since the end of November, and I experienced the emotional ups and downs of the story that I hoped would be there. I can’t wait to hear what my beta readers have to say. I know there’s a bit more to do, but I’m happy with it.

Last night we were going to read some work, but it ended up being a party thing with lots of noise and booze. I sat quietly with Kylie and Jo, reading a Georgette Heyer, which I find hard putting down. I finished A Convenient Bride last night. I’ll have to get on the ibooks tonight.

So for me, this has been a successful retreat in many ways. I’ve hung with people I really enjoy being with, I’ve written and eaten. The house was fab, the lake awesome. Bring on the next retreat.




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