Onto Day Two…

9 03 2014

Yesterday afternoon, Cat’s computer well and truly died. But then it was revived by the Kirkpatrick boys – the necromancers of the Mac world. 

So this morning, everyone is pumping. Tracey, Russell and Kylie have just arrived. Shauna’s been spending the morning working on blogs and making pumpkin soup for lunch – yum! Donna’s slowly but surely getting herself into it. Cat’s working hard out the back – we’ve put another table up because we’ve got more people today (Leife will be here soon, as should Elizabeth). Maxine and Gillian will arrive after lunch.

I’ve been continuing the revision of my novel. I’ve worked out some changes to make. Rearranged a few scenes to make chapter length more even. Cut something from the beginning to make the opening beats work better. I’ve had to change a scene from the hero to the heroine’s POV. Now I need to add a bit to another chapter, to even that length. Then I need to look at the last quarter of the book and make things more difficult, seem more hopeless, for the hero and heroine before it all gets solved.

Still, not a lot of re-writing I think, so should definitely have this book ready for my beta-readers by the end of the month.



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