11 01 2014


Got very little to blog about so far as I’m actually working my novel! Regular scatty commentary will resume eventually. Particularly if my dream comes true and I actually get to see a UFO.


20 01 2010

After a final ping pong whupping by both Kylie and Russell, we all decamped to the Hedgehog Cafe, Berry, for lunch bfore going our separate ways.

Cat, Kylie, Donna, Matthew, Russell, Nicole & Trudi. photo by Rob Hood

I didn’t achieve the wordcount I’d hoped for. My main regret is not pinching The Island, a Peter Benchely novel I found on the shelf and managed to get six chapters into before we left.

the hard road

18 01 2010

This afternoon Russell described one of my stories a being like a mullet: too much boof on top, then trailing off all straggly down the end. Another friend critiqued it and called it Heart of Darkness meets Dr No. Which is utter bullshit — I lifted the ending straight from Beneath the Planet of the Apes!

Both Russell and Kylie are still whupping my arse at Ping Pong

– Cat


15 01 2010

Had a bit of a difficult day today. Cooked a horrible lunch for everyone today when Alan Baxter came to visit. Nearly killed Russell with windpipe anaphylaxis and Matt broke out into a massive coughing fit (I swear that recipe always works at home!) My excess chocolate consumption is beginning to show. And my novel is a steaming heap of melodramatic claptrap. Or at least it was until Russell gave me a few handy pointers as to how to possibly make the ending work. Yay team! Oh look, it’s wine-O’clock.

– Cat

getting on with it

14 01 2010

Three thousand words and a belly full of cake. Not to mention last night’s reheated pizza leftovers. The others want to go to dinner tonight so I reckon I better skip afternoon tea. And possibly all tomorrow’s meals as well.
Two peacocks have been supervising the writing room. They won’t come in, just wander up and down the porch in regal splendour. I managed to migrate from my PJs into cargo pants by mid afternoon. I didn’t bring much in the way of warm clothing. This cardigan I’m wearing was an afterthought. I suppose a hairbrush might also be a good idea eventually.

Kylie, Donna and Russell

Donna & Cat





12 01 2010

Technically speaking, I haven’t actually become a part of the FWOR action yet, but seeing as I wrote over 2k words at home today, I reckon I’m good to start posting. Dispatches from the frontline have me kind of worried though. It all seems very orderly down Berry way. Sure, they’re ripping through the booze like there’s no tomorrow, but aside from that they all actually seem to be… you know… writing. I’m slipping some emergency supplies into my luggage: Three DVD classics – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Female Trouble and Team America Uncut. Also, two pounds of delicious Sees chocolates that I brought back from America last year and can you believe I haven’t scoffed already? Nope, me either. I reckon its a portent. Now all I got to figure is what for.

– Cat