In the land of the long white cloud, actually it is a long grey cloud

1 01 2012

Matthew and I have started our journey to the writers retreat for 2012. Currently Matthew is sleeping. It’s nearly lunchtime. For those of you who know Matthew that is not unusual.  We are in Auckland so our time gauges are out of whack. We get hungry at random times and tired too. This may also be due to just being busy and tired in the lead up. I have yet to do an outline of what I want to work on. I may buy Dragon Naturally Speaking as my hands and forearms are pretty stuffed from report writing at work. However, I think straight drafting is better for the hands than revising. I have lots of revising to do. However, that will be fun. I may have to write outside, given talking to my pc will annoy the others. (mmm plans for annoyance are afoot).

However, rough plans are for drafting Emerald Fire, the sequel to Ruby Heart (Ruby Heart is what I drafted last year 80,000 words). Now if I could get the brain to work. My head feels wobbly, not sure that is too much sleep, overly soft bed, two cocktails or a case of the blahs. Probably just a headache. UG.

Matthew and I are heading to Thames and Rotorua before picking up the gang on the 4th. Matthew brought a big suitcase which both our stuff in it. However, it does take up a lot of room in the boot. I imagine there will be some angsting in the future.