Day five-standing by

11 01 2014

It’s Saturday. It is really hard to remember that on a writing retreat. The days merge. I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. The retreat is almost half done and I feel I have so much to do.

I wanted to sneak out and shop for fun today, but when I did with Kylie and Russell we found the shops had already shut. I went out early for the smoked trout (thank you for the tip Alan Baxter) as we areĀ  having it for dinner.

I’d managed to get nearly 3,500 words done by the time I left. So when I got back-not shopped out- I decided to chase the 1700 words I needed to achieve 5000 words today. I’ve just done that but my wrist are tied.

It’s been an odd day. I put bread in the breadmaker but it wasn’t working properly. It wasn’t mixing. After many tries, I went upstairs and begged Matthew to have a look. It’s his machine you see. He came down (reasonably well tempered) took one look at the machine and said. “Did you put the blade in?”

Ah no I did not. Of course, everyone laughed and called me a bimbo. I used to be a morning person, but I’ve walked into a glass door and now this. However, I was able to salvage the bread and made a tasty loaf. It’s a bit hard to cut because Kylie sliced off the other crust. A cruel thing to do to a new loaf of bread, but entirely understandable. The crust was yum and the bread tasted excellent with the left over lamb and vegetable soup.

So I made 5000 words so the MS is now 55000 words. Yay. I spent most of today and yesterday backfilling, but the last moving the story forward. Tomorrow it should get to 60000.