Near-lunchtime update

8 06 2013

So I’ve done the initial sex-scene and now I need to work out – what does my heroine REALLY want done to her sexually that her hunky spirit can help her with?

And how to work this in with the romance?

My job is so much fun!

Donna’s doing well, and actually went quiet for a while there. There’s words being written.

Matthew’s gone missing. Current theory is he’s snuck off to the roller derby…

Ian’s here, finessing his novel. Kim’s on her way. The FWORR gang are slowly regrouping.


I think today is Friday.

8 01 2010

Mmm. So this means that it is the second day at the retreat. Really can’t count day one. We got here late etc etc.

Today Matthew and I are on the cooking circuit again. This is due to our visitor, Tim, not liking chicken so we have brought the bbq forward. So t-bones, potato salad, mushrooms and green salad here we come. For the lovely vegetarian we have barbequed haloumi cheese. Yum. I may even drink wine or a g&t, surprise, surprise.

Perhaps we can convince Trudi to make the apple crumble or the evil muffins…If we could only get her away from her ukelele (just bought from town). Twang! Twang! Or persuade her to untangle herself from her knitting.

I have knocked off two items that weren’t in my goals but were in the way of my goals. (contrary to other blog posts by competitive writers).  I had to revise a vampire slut story, which I did yesterday. Then today, the mammoth short story peaking at 9,500 words.  A nice, friendly, emotionally wracking SF story. That has been sent off too. I can now return to the drafting, on a clean page and move forward. Between these stories I would have clocked up 2000 words, but I am not I will count them, not being part of the goal etc.

So it is time to eat lunch, crunch those fingers and start writing. Pity I feel like a nap already.

– Donna

Retreatus interruptus!

6 01 2010

Trudi, Nicole and I are sitting here in Karabar, all packed, and the others are late! We were meant to leave at 11.00 am for the trip to Berry. But alas, Matthew rings to say he’ll be an hour and to go without him (at 10.54). Unfortunately, most of the stuff is going in his car and so we choose to wait for him. Then we get an SMS from Russell to say he and Kylie have a few more things to do and for us to go without them. As Matthew is going to be late anyway, we choose to wait. Now we are contemplating lunch, which we were going to have somewhere on the road, like Mittagong etc. Sigh. We have to devise a plan. Nicole goes out to the car and gets her laptop. May as well get work done. Trudi and I are wrestling with wordpress so she can post.

– Donna