10 01 2010

At the last retreat we kept a record of our progress by hanging up a roll of paper and scrawling word counts, observations and silliness on it each day. I was nominated the Keeper of the Scroll, and had to lug it and the remaining blank paper to this retreat so we could review the previous one, and start a new one.

But, as Russell pointed out, this blog has the potential to render the old paper version obsolete. Which I’d be very happy about, as I wouldn’t have to cart rolls of paper about, and the contents would be a LOT easier to read.

Here are some notable moments in the last scroll:

One of the best quotes of the retreat: “Donna is the KY Jelly of conversation”.

Various names we considered for our group.

An illustration I drew when Russell declared that we needed to buy pigs for the clothesline.

In the hope that this blog will replace The Scroll, I’ve put a word count tally up in the sidebar for fellow FWORians to update. Today I managed to add another 2000 words to it, so I’m pretty pleased. You may have to nag some of the writers here to update theirs, I’m afraid. For some reason scrawling illegible numbers of a piece of paper with crayons still appeals to a few of us, and I’d really, really appreciate it if readers of this blog convinced them otherwise.

– Trudi