Memorable Quotes

Yackandandah in 2008:


“The Mystical Benefits of Thwacking”

“No Russell, typing “p p p p p p p” for pages does not count in your total word count for the retreat”

“I’m off to the Two Gay Hippies shop.”

 “Could you put that away please!” fellow opera-goer on Donna’s knitting

“No matterrr how farrrr or how wide I rooooooam; I still caaaaaall Russell a gnoooome.”

Metung in 2009:

“Beached ez”

“Donna is the KY Jelly of Conversation”

“Net Word Count Sucks!”

“Olives, yum!”

“You’re all turning me into a drunk”

“I come together with you lot to get renewed – like a rechargeable battery”

“Counting the words on a page is like counting the leaves on a tree – a very relaxing and zen thing to do.” “Not if you get a computer to do it for you.”

Berry in 2010:

“It seems the only planning we did well is the booze.”

“I haz ukelele. Or haz ukelele got me?”

“Four hours to margarita time and counting!”

“Oh the fuckness it is hot outside. Hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum”

“If word count could be conceived of as the sum of solitaire scores multiplied by the number of expensive items knocked over and broken, Kylie would win this challenge hands down. But it’s not, and she won’t.”

“I want the last feather from the wordcount supervisor…”

“Hear that sound? That’s the gauntlet hitting the ground.”

“Just the smell has ripped the hairs from my nasal cavity” – Russell on the margaritas

“Once I have half of one of Nicole’s margaritas in me I’ll be sitting on the couch upside down, with my legs waving about.” – this was a very real prediction.

“Your story is like a mullet: too much boof on top, then trailing off all straggly down the end.”

Oberon in 2011:

“Cat! Come and get your arse toasted!”

“Oooooh, deer…”

“Who the hell got a house with no internet access?”

“The writing is travelling along the road and you can’t really see what’s around the next corner, or over the hill – that’s how you discover it. Then you go up in a plane,  look down on it all and that’s when you work out the structure” – paraphrasing Russell’s analogy

“Russell – we now get the waterfall obsession.”

Kerikeri in 2012:


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